Better Days Are Coming
Stay strong, it will be alright :) . This is why I made this page..So that maybe, I can give someone hope for a better tomorrow and the strength to hold on. I hope that this page becomes many people's happy place. Life does get better, I know that there's many things that make life feel like it sucks but it's not always going to be like that. See the bright side of life, I know that it may seem like there is not but there is, trust me. And please, please, please don't leave this world. I'm here for you, and I bet that there's many other people in your life that are willing to be there for you too. Just know that life DOES get better. ♥ If you need anyone to talk to, message me. :)

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    I helped some guys push their boat out of a sand bar. It was a big boat, those two guys couldn’t even budge it on their...
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